Registered market participants

Updated 3rd Dec 2019

Transmission System Operator maintains the public list of registered Shippers, Traders, Retailers and Biogas Injecting Parties, who have allowed to publish the name, participant code and market role of their company to be visible on the TSO’s website. Please contact TSO via email, if you have registered and you wish your name to be added (or also if you wish to be removed from the list). The list will be updated regularly.

Name and roleParticipant code
Elenger Oy Shipper66X-00000000004N
Elenger Oy Retailer6429830021001
Gasum Oy Biogas Injecting Party 
Gasum Oy Shipper21X-FI-A-A0A0A-G
Gasum Oy Retailer6430076200006
Haminan Energia Oy Shipper44X-00000000066Q
Haminan Energia Oy Retailer6430075440021
Helen Oy Shipper44X-00000000039T
Karhu Voima Palvelu Oy Shipper66X-00000000012O
Karhu Voima Palvelu Oy Retailer6429830029403
Keravan Energia Oy Trader44X-000000000164
Keravan Energia Oy Retailer6430074840709
KSS Energia Oy Shipper66X-00000000007H
KSS Lämpö Oy Retailer6430075321016
Lappeenrannan Energia Oy Trader66X-00000000001T
Lappeenrannan Energia Oy Retailer6429830016908
Latvijas Gāze Shipper21X0000000013724
Metsä Board Oyj Trader66X-00000000006J
Nivos Energia Oy Retailer6430076040008
Rohe Solutions Oy Shipper66X-00000000008F
Scener Oy Shipper44X-000000000180
Stora Enso Oyj Trader44X-00000000100F
Tervakoski Oy Trader66X-00000000009D
UAB ”Ignitis” Shipper23X–160330-UT-L