Preparations for open gas market

Finland’s new Natural Gas Market Act entered into force at the beginning of 2018. In addition to the reformed Act, the market opening will also require rules and procedures agreed by the sector. Gasum’s TSO (transmission system operator) department coordinated the gas market rules formulation process in cooperation with customers and other stakeholders during 2017 – 2019. In addition to rules TSO has prepared contracts, transmission tariffs, IT systems and data exchange instructions for the open gas market. These web pages are Gasum’s TSO department’s information channel regarding Finnish gas market opening.

Gasum as the current transmission system operator organizes natural gas market reform by designing market rules with the customers, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Energy Authority, Baltic Connector Oy and other stakeholders. The Government’s proposal for Finland’s new Natural Gas Market Act was approved by the parliament in summer 2017. According to the Finland’s new Natural Gas Market Act, the Finnish gas market will be opened up as of the beginning of 2020.

Preparation of gas market rules has been done in working groups with customers, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Energy Authority, Gasum, Baltic Connector Oy and other stakeholders. English translations (non-binding version) of shipper-related market rules were published in August 2019 (see below).

Gasum has organized information events on the topic on May 15th, November 29th 2017, October 5th 2018 and May 21st 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The aim of the work was to prepare national rules for Natural Gas Market, that will enable a well-functioning, non-discriminatory and cost-effective national market. Public consultation regarding market rules and contracts was held in March-April 2019 and another public consultation regarding terms of TSO’s services during 31st May – 14th June 2019. Finalised rules in Finnish were published in July 2019 after Energy Authority had approved the terms of TSO’s services. Non-binding English translations are available of the following documents:

  • Gas transmission rules, version 1.0 30.7.2019 (pdf)
  • Shipper’s and trader’s framework agreement, 30.7.2019 (pdf)
  • Gas Market Code and Information Exchange Guidelines, version 1.4 13.9.2019 (pdf)
    • Track changes document compared to versions 1.2 and 1.3 (pdf)
    • For security requirement: TSO bank guarantee template (docx)
  • Edig@s XML 5.1 guideline for Finland, version 1.2 13.9.2019 (pdf)
    • Track changes document compared to version 1.1 (pdf)

To register as market participant, please fill and send the registration form (doesn’t work with Internet Explorer). Please, also send two signed written copies of the original framework agreements to the following postal address:

TSO, Gasum Oy
Janne Grönlund
Kiehuvantie 189,
FI-45100 Kouvola


For futher information regarding registration process, see Gas Market Code and Information Exchange Guidelines above.

In the Finnish gas market shippers and traders are required to have an EIC-X party code (Energy Identification Coding, EIC). For futher information about EIC codes and applying them see EIC codes page.

UAB GET Baltic will provide gas exchange services for the Finnish gas market starting from 1.1.2020, when the Finnish gas market is opened for competition. The current gas exchange in Finland, Kaasupörssi Oy, owned by Gasum, will be closed on 1.1.2020. For further information see the media release..

Gas transmission tariff 2020

The Finnish gas transmission system operator (TSO) with system responsibility published 28th June 2019 new gas transmission tariffs, which will be applied in the Finnish gas transmission system 1.1.2020 – 31.12.2020:

  • Final transmission tariff (pdf)
TSO received 11 comments during the public consultation regarding the transmission tariff. Comments concerned mostly the same topics. TSO has made the following answer (in Finnish):

Received public comments:

Consultation process and preliminary tariff in spring 2019

The Finnish gas transmission system operator (TSO) with system responsibility held a public consultation between February 15 and March 31, 2019 on the new gas transmission tariffs. The document presented the preliminary transmission charges proposed at the TSO’s entry and exit points, excluding international connections, in the natural gas system. In addition to the transmission charges, the document described charges other than transmission charges and the criteria for them.

  • Consultation document preliminary tariffs (pdf)

Following proposals to amend the Natural Gas Market Act, the rights to set transmission charges to international connections, has been given to the regulatory authority (Finnish Energy Authority). Energy Authority held a public consultation with the same timeframe.

Consultation event on the new gas transmission tariff on Friday 15.3.2019

The transmission system operator with system responsibility held a consultation event on the new gas transmission tariff for stakeholders in Helsinki on March 15. Material of the event can be found on the info materials page

Information events about Finnish open gas market

Finnish Gas market opening – TSO’s info session 30th September 2019

Dear customers and stakeholders,

Welcome to info session about Finnish gas market opening on Monday 30th September 2019. Event will be held at Finlandia Hall, conference room Veranda 1, street address Mannerheimintie 13 e, Helsinki.


9:30 – 10:00 Coffee

10:00 – 14:30 Finnish gas market opening

  • New TSO Gasgrid Finland’s operation starting 1st Jan 2020
  • Implementation and launch of data exchange and IT systems
  • Registration as a Market Participant
  • GET Baltic gas exchange in Finland
  • Estonia–Latvia balancing zone development
  • Preparation of legislation
  • Other actual topics

Lunch will be served during the event. Session will be held in English.

Please register your participation  by Monday 23rd September 2019.


If you haven’t yet received a personal invitation, please request for invitiation by sending name and email to info(a)

The event is jointly organised by Finnish Gas Transmission Services Oy and Gasum’s TSO department.

Shipper-info event about Finnish open gas market

Finnish Gas Transmission Services and Gasum TSO organization held a shipper-information event in English on the 4th of June 2019 in Espoo, Finland and via skype. Target audience was non-Finnish speaking stakeholders interested in shipper’s side of Finnish open gas market starting 1st Jan 2020. Content of the info was a shipper-focused extract from info session held 21st May 2019 in Finnish in Helsinki added with some more background information and GET Baltic’s presentation.

    1. Agenda and opening, Ville Rahkonen, Gasum TSO and Anni Sarvaranta, Finnish Gas Transmission services
    2. Timeline for market opening, Ville Rahkonen, Gasum TSO
    3. Shipper-related market rules and contracts, Leena Sivill, Gasum TSO (HansenCX)
    4. Registration process, Ville Rahkonen, Gasum TSO
    5. Data exchange, Tiina Niinimäki, Gasum TSO
    6. Capacity booking, Leena Sivill, Gasum TSO (HansenCX)
    7. GET Baltic’s future plans in Finland, Gintaras Buzkys, GET Baltic


Janne Grönlund
Chief Operating Officer, TSO, Gasum Oy​

t. +358 400 368 825 janne.gronlund(at)

Ville Rahkonen
Development manager, TSO, Gasum Oy
Program manager for market opening ​

t. +358 40 719 9831 ville.rahkonen(at)

Tiina Niinimäki
Business developer, TSO, Gasum Oy
IT project manager​

t. +358 40 592 7042 tiina.niinimaki(at)