Elering AS has published an Urgent Market Message (UMM) regarding indicative capacities in the Balticconnector for the winter/Spring 2020

Balticconnector will be given, based on current project timeframe, to market from 1.January 2020. The maximum technical capacity of Balticconnector is 81.2 GWh/day. Due to contractual deadline of the compressor stations in Estonia, the capacity given to the market for the 2020 winter/spring period might be in the range 28,4 to 39 GWh/day from Estonia to Finland and 42,2 to 58,5 GWh/day from Finland to Estonia. Despite of contractual deadline of commissioning of compressor stations (spring 2020), Elering together with contractor are making efforts to start commercial operation earlier. Above mentioned capacity figures are indicative and are subject to change depending on operational situation in the region and technical developments in Balticconnector project.


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Janne Grönlund

COO, Gasum-TSO


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