EIC codes

In the Finnish gas market shippers and traders are required to have an EIC-X party code (Energy Identification Coding, EIC). The code scheme is a premise for reliable and efficient data exchange between the market participants and the transmission system operators, and a basis for automated electronic data interchange. Finnish gas transmission system operator (TSO) acts as a Local Issuing Office (LIO) for gas market EIC-X party codes in Finland. An EIC Participant is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information it submits when applying for an EIC code. Once an EIC code is issued, the EIC Participant shall be responsible for the information provided in the EIC code and shall inform the LIO that issued the EIC Code of any changes in the EIC information.

By applying for and being allocated an EIC code, an EIC Participant accepts explicitly The Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC) Reference Manual (see ENTSO-E’s website) and to comply with its provisions. By applying EIC participant also accepts, that TSO publishes the party code holder’s following information: X EIC Code, Party Name, Display Name, VAT Code, Postal Code, Function on TSO’s website and sends received application data (see list below) also to ENTSO-E to make the EIC code international and published on ENTSO-E’s EIC list.

Only one X code will be allocated per VAT number. EIC codes issued in Finland can be found in the related excel for gas and for electricity market on Fingrid website. EIC codes issued by ENTSO-E can be found via at ENTSO-E’s website.

EIC codes are administrated and supplied by the Central Issuing Office of ENTSO-E or Local Issuing Offices. It is recommendable to apply for an EIC from the nearest office, and in practice, Local Issuing Offices are generally transmission system operators. Finnish Gas TSO has started to act as an local issuing office since July 2019.

When requesting EIC-X code for Finnish gas market, please send request and provide the following information via email, info@kaasumarkkina.fi:

  • Party Name (name of the company)
  • Display Name (name wished to be displayed, max 14 characters) – please note that total number of characters is 16, but 2-character LIO number will be added in the beginning of requested display name
  • VAT Code
  • Postal address of the company
  • Contact details regarding EIC code: contact person, phone number, email address
  • Market role (shipper/trader)
  • Company registry certificate as attachment

Please note that (due to international nature of gas market and possible future Finnish-Baltic market integration) Finnish gas TSO always reports the requested EIC-X codes and EIC participant’s application data to central issuing office ENTSO-E to make them international EIC codes. Please also note that EIC is only a coding scheme and it does not guarantee the right to trade energy.